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Flute and notes
  Flute Lessons with Caroline  

Caroline Fitzpatric is a highly sought after flute teacher in the Cincinnati area. Currently, she is the adjunct Flute Professor at Northern Kentucky University and runs her own studio, Fitz Flute Studio, for the Cincinnati area. She teaches students from the age of 5th grade to adult students ready to learn from her home studio in Mason. 


Students in the Fitz Flute Studio stay busy with weekly lessons as well as participate in recitals, master classes and flute choir performances to inspire each other to grow and practice hard! Studio members consistently participate in Ohio and Kentucky State and District Honor Bands, Cincinnati Youth Wind Ensemble, Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra, OMEA Solo and Ensemble, Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts, and have gone on to major or minor in Flute Performance. Students of the Fitz Flute Studio are commonly at the top of their flute section at school and are ahead of the curve. Members have enjoyed public performances at Cincinnati Symphony Hall, The Loveland Christmas Festival, and local retirement homes.

The Fitz Flute Studio focuses on a nurturing studio environment for its students through encouraging each other, performing together, and appreciating each other's accomplishments. When a studio member graduates from high school, that student leaves with a depth of musical knowledge as well as life skills developed through music making and participating in the flute studio environment.

 Your First Flute Lesson   

Flute lessons provide students with a richer knowledge of the flute that cannot be achieved with self study or being in a classroom setting. The type of skills learned in lessons such as tone production, scales, rhythm, finger technique and musicality are topics that band directors don't have time to discuss on an individual level, such as -How is my hand position? How are my lips formed for this note? How do I use my air to make this note come out easier? 

If it is your first flute lesson, I will recommend that you bring a piece of music that you feel really confident on and really like! This gives me the idea of your ability level so that I can make flute lessons fun but challenging enough for you. If you have never played the flute before...even better! All you need is a flute, a pencil and your willingness to learn.

Sheet Music Edits
Teaching Philosophy


I believe that it is essential that young people develop positive life skills such as dedication, holding themselves accountable, learning how to handle stress, managing their work loads, and how to be a good human. Establishing these values with my students is my ultimate goal. These life skills are learned through the process of becoming a great flute player. Students in the Fitz Flute Studio will play at a high level as well as have skills to make them successful adults.


In flute lessons, we will learn more than just how to play flute. The student will have a grasp of music theory, music history, and learn skills on HOW to practice so they can be their own teacher at home. Students will become problem solvers and become independent musicians and individuals. In lessons, we analyze how the student has practiced a difficult passage at home and problem solve together to find a better way that works for them. I believe in giving students the tools they need to help themselves rather than me simply telling them what to do. 



Students that are held at a high standard from the beginning can only be successful. Students need to have pride in their playing, their studio, and themselves. Students must always strive to the best of the abilities and never just settle for good enough. Students go above and beyond by learning music outside of band class and participating in studio events.  



I believe that there is no limit to what a person can accomplish. Given the right tools, students should be able to reach their musical goals. Therefore, students should always dream big! I individualize each students’ lessons to their ability and their learning pace so no one is left behind or bored from moving too slow. There is no set standard of what an accomplished flute player is in my studio. Sometimes an accomplishment can be as simple as finally getting that high F out!



It is easy to get caught up in the small details and what we do wrong when playing the flute. It is vital to remember why we started to play the flute in the first place – because we love music! Music lessons will incorporate fundamentals such as tone production, scales, and technique but we will always have room to play their favorite Disney tune. Students also learn that playing the flute is more of a process rather than a final result. By understanding this concept, students can have more pride in what they have accomplished and have more FUN!

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